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Friday, February 26, 2010

play time and rest time

What a group of silly guys!

Ruger and Petie have played with toys today .  Seems like every toy in the barrel has been out and squeeked!  They loved trying all of the toys to see what sound they made.  Kippie was watching and periodically getting into the action!

Miss Roxy kept moving her ears and cocking her head trying to decide what the heck was making all the racket....her face seemed to ask WHEN'S NAP TIME?

Well, nap time finally came.  Ruger decided that he needed to lay with Petie and Kippie.  Kip put on paw out over Ruger's paw,  Guess they've made friends!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hanging out

Rosso and Rugor had a great time hanging out in the a.m. Rugor loved the rope toy. He was going to hurt someone with that thing! Later in the day Rosso and Angel chased each other and wrestled until they could barely move!


Roxy is being her sweet old self. She loves walking through the snow and then just relaxing inside. Her bed looks so comfy with that fluffy comforter. I think I might take a snooze in it!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quiet Time at the Manor

Things have quieted down after all of the snow shoveling.  Roxy will be meeting us for the first time today>>>we can't wait!

Cold weather always is a challange here....it's suprising how fast doggie do freezes to the ground.  Speed and timing have been important. 

We've just ordered our new spring toys for daycare and can't wait to use them instead of shovels.

The hair bows and neck ties for the grooming clients are ready to go....and yes the Sun Screen for those white dogs with pink skin has been added to our list.

Enjoy today's 40F weather!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All That SNOW!!!

We've been plowing and shoveling!  Here at the Kennel we've measured 28 inches from Feb 6-7 snow and we're now expecting another 15-20 inches....

Over the weekend we had a terrific group of dogs visiting!  They all LOVED the snow.  The 5 labs/lab mixes pounced and played.  They made trails and burrows in the snow.  We played hide seek and find treats.  It was too funny to watch the dogs know that they saw/smalled a treat and move in to i it off only to have it fall further in the snow.....and they didn't get in trouble for digging for the treat...a couple looked just to make SURE it was ok.

Lexie and Mertyle were the youngest and the one that thought they could eat all the snow that feel from the sky.  They were also the most adventurance when it came opening up new trails through the snow.

Monteigo, Remy, Lexie, and Mica were tossing snow in the air and chasing the snowballs that they kicked up.

Lucy wanted to cuddle and play inside....she didn't want to go outside she was to short and the snow was too deep.....

We found a "game" at the kennel....a "Pee Party" as the dogs would pee in the snow we'd shovel the snow off, as a result the yellow snow would fall in pieces.  The dogs would try to pee on all of the small piece.  They peed so much that they were phantom peeing.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

All In A Day

Whew most of the snow is gone and we're braceing for the weekend snow.   Gertie is so playful your can tell what she thinking with all of those expressions.  One ear always ended up over the other.....what a goof

Ki has settled in and warmed up, that smile could melt anyones heart!  She and Rhi played together.  Rhis is normally scared of dogs jumping and Ki was so gentle...I think it was the smile that melted Rhi.  We've never seen anyone enjoy the snow as much as Ki.

Sadie- what's not to love....puppies....they're just so darn cute!  Her puppy hiney would go sliding as she tried to go after the dual ended ball toy.  What a snow dog (haha that's Ki) she rolled and played and tried to eat snow.....

Mr. Wilson is just a big loving goof.  Once the coat came out he was ready to go!  Jumping and pouncing through the snow.....Water or snow it's all the same to him!!!!HEHEHe

Gonzo and Angel just want their coats and a warm lap to snuggle in. 
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