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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pet Valet Service!

It's amazing the places that inspiration can hit me.  I was running around getting the items for the Holiday going-ons here at the Kennel and Salon when the inspiration for Valet Services hit.

I was carrying an armload load of greens  and gifts to the car and watching a Mom with a stroller and gifts trying to balance everything.  It brought back the memories of my days with strollers and stuff...  I vividly recalled getting tangled in Elmo and Gonzo leashes and balancing an infant carrier trying to make it to the groomers. 

Several times I wished for Drive-thru services so I didn't have to unload and reload the car.  I can actually do something about  that now!  DRIVE-UP Pet Valet!  OH Yeah!  Kids in the car - Cruddy weather - difficulty in getting in/out of the car! 

I know there are times my folks would love to do things but don't because of the weather and waking (Dad's now on back surgery #10) He'd love this!

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