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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Help! Iím so frustrated with this Behavior!!!!

It be in this situation really stinks BUT (you heard this coming right) it’s a learning point.  I can see the eye roll and I truly understand it – the dog isn’t doing what I need him/her to do and I’ve tried everything.  I 100% agree!  It’s time to stepback and revaluate this situation. 


Keep an Open Mind

Dogs have personalities and learning styles just like humans.  What “language” are you and your dog speaking?  It’s it that you say “sit” and your pet hears – “cool, I’ve got Dad’s attention and on one else is here  wwwwhhhoooo play time”.  If so this could be a chunk of the problem. 

Are you asking the dog to perform a task that’s above their ability?  We worked on sit and come last night and did great tonight no luck!  This may mean that they need practice-it’ s like roller skating it needs practice. 

Evaluate you-honestly.  This is the hard part and where frustration really shows.  What signals are you sending?  Dogs are great at reading body language – this is their main form of communication within their dog world.  How are you feeling about this training session?  How do you feel about the dog (honestly)?  This honest answer is the body language your pet is seeing and potentially responding to.  Think of it this way- your walking down the street and see the one person in the world that makes you heart flutter and eyes glow the result is your body language changes to engage this person is conversation.  Look  at it the other way your walking down the street and you pass the one person in the world that you can’t stand your body tenses I n response your pulse changes and your posture shifts.  Dogs  get sence that your mind is somewhere else not on the “sit” command you just gave-result is no sit. 

Time and Place Are you practicing at the wrong times?  Your pet needs to work out their greeting and energy before you begin work.  Both of you need a warm-up time.  Signals that put you and your pet into work mode.  Are you both in the frame of mind to practice?  Do you need to walk first (ie burn energy) do you need a snack for energy and attention?  Do you need to change your location?  Once the dog is trained and a pro at items your practicing these items won’t matter as much- right now they do.

Rewards Are you providing the right reward to motivate the pet?  Food may not always be the answer ( see last week).

Praise Are you using it where it gets the biggest impact? How’s the tone of your voice? Are the associate touches praise?

One theme here is you and your messages from command to frame of mind.  I hear this response all the time –“but the dog has the job to do”  and there is the AH HA moment!  Your asking for the job to be done you’re the supervisor you have a job too.

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