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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Canine Influenza in Maryland

Well the rule of 3 has struck again. Any time we have 3 things/questions happen in a short amount of time it becomes a topic. Canine Influenza questions have come up 3 times this week.

Maryland, Montgomery County reported 2 dog deaths from Canine Influenza last week. As we are in Carroll County Maryland and viruses don't understand county lines we need to ramp up our awareness.

Good places to find information  are your local Veterinary and the CDC.
WWW.cdc.gov/flu/canine/ Key Facts about Canine Influenza.

Highlighting and personalizing information from the CDC.
Canine influenza is caused by a virus named H3N8. Under a electron microscope this virus looks like a golf ball with golf tees sticking out of it. Put a golf tee in each flat (non-divit) area all over the surface of a golf ball and there you have it. H stands for hemaglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N) glycoproteins in the lipid outer layer of the virus (surface of the golf ball).

The recorded virus jumped from an equine flu to a canine flu happened in Florida. Grayhounds were presenting with an unknown respiratory illness now named H3N8 Canine Influenza. In September 2005 the virus was identified and named.

Dog flu spreads by direct contact with aerosolized respiratory secretions from infected dogs. Note that dogs can be showing symptoms or asymptomatic. What this means is - sharing water, toys, nose to nose contact, touching where another dog has drooled can transmit this infection. Don't panic...this is no different than the human mode of flu transmission. People touch shopping carts after wiping their mouth or nose and another person then touches the cart at the same spot and tada transmission.

So why aren't all dogs and people sick all the time...our bodies fight infection well, most of the time. Having your dog vaccinated against canine flu just helps the dogs body be prepared for an illness we now know is present in our area.

Talk with your Veterinarian and make the decision best for your family.

Mariah-Belle Manor will be requiring Canine Influenza vaccination prior to visiting as of Oct 1, 2013. We STONGLY Recommend vaccination prior to Oct 1.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Blah's and Blessings

boarding/chi.jpgEveryone has one of those days now and then that forces is to admit we are human not super-humans.  You know when the ice tea you brewed last night when funny tasting and the chocolate melted in the car because you forgot to carry it in the house. 

The Vine weather (over 88F and over 75% humidity- the only thing moving are the vines growing) tend to bring those days on for me. 

One of the issues with those blah days is the can spread like mile-a-minute…God only knows how they end.  Counting Blessing on days like this generally starts like this.

Where is everyone? 

You’ll be blessed if I don’t find out your ALL sleeping on my GOOD Couch!  You know the forbidden one!

See those leaves turned…I’ll be blessed if I get all the garden weeded before the rain hits!  boarding/tomatoes.jpg

That little snake hiding in my vines better go ….he nipped at my foot…yeah I stepped on him, thought it was a branch!

I’ll be blessed if I make it back to something that resembled the plan I put together for today!  Sit still and think ha…all I can think is blessed rrrrrrrrrr.

boarding/Rhiandfebellyup.jpgIt’s one in the sweltering afternoon, where is everyone?  boarding/scoobsleepy.jpgNaping! That means quiet time for me.  Blessed napping!

Darn computer and internet, darn storms…time to make new tea.

Garden is gathered, internet is back, still getting ready to storm, house and kennel are napping, tea is brewed, and chocolate is cold.  Blessed peace of mind.

Whew we may all make it… OK

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