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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween can be Scary for Dogs

A dogs point of view Halloween can be a scary event.  The doorbell rings and then there are strange things at the door.  These things smell like people but what the HECK! WHHOFFF.  

Some dogs barker, some pee, growl, wag tails and want to lick, others want to leave with the guests-whatever catagory your pup(s) fall into please be ready for greating trick or treaters at your door.  Here's a quick list of things to think about

1. Label your dog.  Make sure their collar fits and tags are present and legible (names can be rubbed off with wear).  If they leave the house to visit outside with the gobins and gouls they will have a ticket back to home.

2. Glow Sticks. These are fun ( I still get into these) and great for identifying spookies on the move..HOWEVER...Glow sticks, glowing or not glowing can cause irritation or burning in a dogs mouth as well as drooling and vomiting.  Most glowing items are non-toxic but not not irritating...watch out.

3. Raisins, Chocolate Sugar-Free items.  Chocolate covered raisins are really BAD!  They are a double dose of toxic.  Although there is debate about which chemical in the raisins effects the liver-their toxic to dogs.  Theobromine in the chocolate is a liver toxin as well.    Xylitol in sugar-free especially chewing gum is toxic to dogs.

4.Costumes. Be-sure you dog can move and breathe in the costume selected for them.  If they are not accustom to being dressed-up try the outfit on for a few test runs before you'll want them to wear it.  Be aware of any loose items that could be chewed and ingested.  A GRUMPY PET may react differently than normal to human acts of kindness....

Enjoy the fun.


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