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Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Just HOT!

It’s Hot, Not just heat hot but humid.  I can’t find a cool spot in the shade!  OOOHHHHH isn’t this September!

“I don’t want any treats.  It’s too hot to eat!”  Gus walked away, just as Fozzy lunged for the kitty treat bits.

“What were Mom and Dad thinking? Turning off the air conditioning now? And Mom was SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! The heat has affected her."  Fiona left Fozzy eating the treats.

Fiona sounded her bark alarm, “whoof whhhofffff oooofff WHHHHHHOOOOFFFFF”

“SSHHSSSHHSSS!, their back.” 3 men in ball caps walked in with lots of tools and stuff.  Humm? 

Fozzy walked up to inspect the men, “We’ll they’re friendly enough.”  Fozzy stood there shamelessly getting is ears rubbed.

Mom leashed us up and we headed off to DayCamp. We love DayCamp so many buddies and peanut butter treats!

“Hey Gus” tired Fozzy rubbed against Gus. "Back from Dog Camp"

“You Stink like DOG!, You all left.  I was forced to stay with the pounding, and people up and down the steps and more people and doors opening and closing.  OH Yeah, and HOT!”  Gus was in a bad kitty mood.

“Dinner time, with cold carrots.”  Fozzy bolted out of the chair.  Fiona was so tired she didn’t want to move.

“Peace and quiet. I’m going to bed!” Gus stretched.

“It’s too hot!” Fiona complained.  Fozzy and Gus just walked off to cool spots in the house.  “huh, figures, it’s hot (pant pant) even the water bowl water is hot!”  “MOMOMOMMMMMMMM!”

“Fe find a spot and cool off.  The new AC will be in soon. Foz and Gus are dealing.”Blog/Fozsleep.jpeg Blog/Gussleep.jpeg

  “but (pant pant, dance dance) it’s hot! FINE!” 

Blog/Fett.jpeg Blog/FeTT2.jpeg Blog/FeTT3.jpeg

"Fiona Pouting WILL NOT HELP"  

"Thanks MOM, FINE!"Blog/Bellyup.jpeg  When is the AC done?






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Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to School Lunches

There’s pros & cons to back to school.  Our mornings change a lot.  Move Move Move, I think Mom likes that word Move.  She sings...”you go to move it, move it”… 

I have a different strategy.  I find the best places and wait patiently, trying to stay awake. 


What makes this a best place to wait?  See all that peanut butter on the counter?  Fiona is still sleeping upstairs……mine, all mine!


Here come’s Mom “we got to move it move it”. Blog/Wakingfoz.jpg

Ok, I’m moving it

Blog/Moveitfoz.jpgLunch box time! Oh Boy OH BOY!  I moved it!

 “Mom, I volunteer to help with peanut butter!”  Assume peanut butter position. Blog/Fozpbfocus.jpg  “But, I need help opening the jar.”


“Are you ready to help, Foz?” Oh Mom, those are the words I’ve been waiting for you to say! “taste test”.


“I love back to school.”  Blog/Satisfiedfoz.jpgWonder if Fiona is awake yet?  No peanut butter for sleepy heads.





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