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April 2018 Schedule

April  23-27

Special Activities ~

Monday April 23

Earth Day ~ Yesterday was Earth Day so we are (hoping) to celebrate today with our campers...weather permitting! The pups will enjoy time outside soaking up the sunshine (we hope), listening to nature, taking a walk around the farm and of course playing with toys and their fellow campers. Life is GOOD!

Tuesday April 24

Seek-n-Find ~ Nose work and scent games give our pups a fun way to use their natural "talents", and keep them entertained. Mental and Physical stimulation as well as building confidence, it is gives them a job to do. Nose work is fun and rewarding, our campers always enjoy this activity. 

Wednesday April 25

Frisbee ~ Playing with frisbees is not only fun for our pups but it teaches them self control, manual and visual coordination as well as giving them a good overall wookout. The game of frisbee releases a lot of energy all while the campers have a great time running, jumping, and working on the basic skills of chase and return.  

Thursday April 26

Tug-of-War ~ This is a game of "intense" exercise for our campers. Resulting in very happy and tired pups. Which then equals decreased boredom and stress related negative behavior at home. Tug of war allows for rough housing with ground rules being set and observed. It is especailly great for our young pups who are teething. We can redirect the inappropraite mouthing to an appropriate object. After an activity of this sort the pup is less likely to engage in negative behavior. 

  Friday   April 27

7 Surfaces ~ In this camp activity the pups will be encouraged to walk across many different surfaces. Soft/Hard, Wet/Dry, Smooth/Rough, and Over/Under, Etc. We continue to work with the campers each time we do this activity until they are each comfortable with ALL of the surfaces. This activity works on basic commands, the pups senses, and the bond between the pup and our staff here at camp.  

See you at camp,

Our staff here at Mariah-Belle LOVES to play and interact with your pups, they are not just our "campers", they are our "family". Thank You, Rachann and Mariah-Belle Manor Staff


            Holiday Hours: Memorial Day - NO Camp PM Hours Only *  * 4th of July - CLOSED * Labor Day - No Camp PM Hours Only *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Earth Day - Sunday April 22nd

*These hours reference pick/up and drop/off ONLY, staff will be on site caring for pups that are boarding with us...                                                                                                                                                     

Contact us for a FREE day camp evaluation. You can also set up time for a MEET-n-GREET. Time for you and your pup to meet us and for us to meet the both of YOU! This will give you the opportunity to come touch, see and smell first hand. We will answer any and all questions you may have. 

Facility tours are not availble between 1PM & 3PM (Nap Time)

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