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July 2018 Schedule

July 16-20, 2018

Special Activities ~

Monday July 16

Frozen Rope Toys ~ What a fun activity for our campers on a hot summer day. We freeze their rope toys overnight so they are nice and cold for camp the next day. The pups will enjoy playing fetch, tug-o-war as well as cooling off. 

Tuesday July 17

Hide-n-Go Treat ~ Today the pups will look for treats hidden in kongs throughout the yard. This will work on their sense of smell and nose work. 

Wednesday July 18

Sprinkler Fun ~ Summer is such a great time for our campers! We always have so much fun outside with our pups, especially water fun! Some pups love it and some pups are not so sure. 

Thursday July 19

Frisbee Fun ~ This camp activity will give our pups lots of exercise. The campers love to run and chase after the frisbees. Such a fun day for everyone. 

  Friday   July 20

Toy Day ~ A slightly more laid back day for our pups, but still a camp favorite. Depending on the weather we can do this activity inside or outside with all of their favorite toys!

See you at camp,

Our staff here at Mariah-Belle LOVES to play and interact with your pups, they are not just our "campers", they are our "family". Thank You, Rachann and Mariah-Belle Manor Staff


            Holiday Hours:   * Labor Day - No Camp PM Hours Only *

*These hours reference pick/up and drop/off ONLY, staff will be on site caring for pups that are boarding with us...                                                                                                                                                     

Contact us for a FREE day camp evaluation. You can also set up time for a MEET-n-GREET. Time for you and your pup to meet us and for us to meet the both of YOU! This will give you the opportunity to come touch, see and smell first hand. We will answer any and all questions you may have. 

Facility tours are not availble between 1PM & 3PM (Nap Time)

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