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December Schedule 2017

 Dec 18-22

Special Activities

Monday Dec 18

Sensory Day ~ Fun with Marshmallows! Last time we did this fun activity with our pups was in the Fall and it was so much fun to see all the different reactions. We serve the marshmallows frozen, room temperature, and we heat them up, this allows the pups to "explore" with their senses. Wonder which way they will like it best???

Tuesday Dec 19

Arts & Crafts Day ~ Sssh.... It's a surprise... Happy Holidays to all of our camper families!

Wednesday Dec 20

Ugly Sweater Day ~ YEP! That's Right! We are having an Ugly Sweater Party here at MBM with our campers! It will be SO much fun. We hope you are following us on Facebook so you will be sure to see all the great pics of our pups.

Thursday Dec 21

Santa Claus is comin' to town ~ Well actually in this case, Santa Claus is comin' to MBM! We are SO excited! Today we will have a special guest and our pups will get to visit with Santa, share their holiday wishes and have their pictures taken. Such a special day for our campers.

Friday   Dec 22

"Lure" Stick ~ We had some schedule changes last week and didn't get to do this activity, so "Take 2".  This activity promotes physical and mental stimulation for the pups. Running, jumping, watching, planning, and changing direction, as well as following commands. It fully conditions mind and body. Each camper will get a "reward" at the end of their activity "session".

See you at camp,

Rachann and Mariah Belle Manor Staff


HOLIDAY HOURS:      Thanksgiving CLOSED                                               Christmas Eve CLOSED        -         Christmas Day CLOSED                              New Years Eve Open  AM ONLY                                                           New Years Day Open PM ONLY                                                                                                                                                                                                             

*These hours reference pick/up and drop/off ONLY, staff will be on site caring for pups that are boarding with us...                                                                                                                                                     
*No Day Camp during these hours as well...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
*Thank you for your understanding and from our family here at Mariah-Belle Manor we wish you and your family a happy holiday season....

Contact us for a FREE day camp evaluation. You can also set up time for a MEET-n-GREET. Time for you and your pup to meet us and for us to meet the both of YOU! This will give you the opportunity to come touch, see and smell first hand. We will answer any and all questions you may have. 

Facility tours are not availble between 1PM & 3PM (Nap Time)

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