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February  2019 Schedule

February 11-15

Special Activities ~ Valentine's Day Week 

Monday Feb 11

Day 1 Valentine's Week ~ Kick off day for our fun filled week of puppy love and friendship. We will not be listing the activities, lot's of surprises to come. 

Tuesday Feb 12

Day 2 Valentine's Week~ So much fun with our campers, we can hardly contain ourselves. No worries though, by weeks end your pups will be sharing the LOVE!

Wednesday Feb 13

Day 3 Valentine's Week ~ The festivities continue! Not sure who is enjoying themselves more, the staff or the campers! Wouldn't you LOVE to know what surprises we have planned? 

Thursday Feb 14

Day 4 Valentine's Week ~ So many fun activities this week. We can not wait to show everyone all of the pics...But you will have to wait until tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

Friday Feb 15

Day 5 Valentine's Week ~ Our LAST Day in this SUPER FUN Week of Puppy Love and Friendship. What a great week. We just know that all of our fur babies will be so ready to share many hugs-n-kisses with their families. 

See you at camp,

Our staff here at Mariah-Belle LOVES to play and interact with your pups, they are not just our "campers", they are our "family". Thank You, Rachann and Mariah-Belle Manor Staff



Contact us for a FREE day camp evaluation. You can also set up time for a MEET-n-GREET. Time for you and your pup to meet us and for us to meet the both of YOU! This will give you the opportunity to come touch, see and smell first hand. We will answer any and all questions you may have. 


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