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February 2018 Schedule

Feb 19-23

Special Activities ~

Monday Feb 19

Indoor Toy Play ~ Rain - Rain Go Away Our Campers Want to Play! Lot's of indoor fun for our pups with all their favorite toys. The outdoor play yards are SO wet and muddy! 

Tuesday Feb 20

Lure Stick ~ This activity has quickly become a favorite among our campers. When we first introduced this "game" to our pups it was simply to "lure" them, having the pups follow the stick. Now that they understand the concept we can add in some additional skills. It is always so much fun to see our pups progress. 

Wednesday Feb 21

Follow the Leader ~ An Old School favorite - for our staff and pups! Truly the relationship the pups and our staff have here at MBM is one of a kind, so these campers would "Follow the Leader" just about anywhere! However, always reinforcing basic commands to keep our pups on their best behavior. 

Thursday Feb 22

Musical Chairs for "Mutts"~ This will be a fun camp activity for all of our pups while working on the "Sit" command especially with the younger campers. We will play music and as always have a great time with our pups. 

  Friday    Feb 23

Doga ~ Doggy Yoga, always a nice way to end a busy week of camp activities. Stretching, relaxation and bonding, our staff will work one on one with each camper. This activity gives each pup full, undivided attention, creating a deeper connection between staff and pup. This activity can help your pup get used to being touched all over their body, which can also help with bathing/grooming. 

See you at camp,

As always our campers will have plenty of time to play outside (weather permitting) or inside with our camp counselors. Balls, frisbees, catch, chase, whatever the pups choose, our staff here at Mariah-Belle LOVES to play and interact with our pups, they are not just our clients, they are our "family". Thank You, Rachann and Mariah-Belle Manor Staff


             Spring Break/Holiday Hours:                                                   NO Changes * Easter Sunday PM Hours Only                                                                                                                                                                                                          

*These hours reference pick/up and drop/off ONLY, staff will be on site caring for pups that are boarding with us...                                                                                                                                                     
*No Day Camp during these hours as well...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
*Thank you for your understanding and from our family here at Mariah-Belle Manor we wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Contact us for a FREE day camp evaluation. You can also set up time for a MEET-n-GREET. Time for you and your pup to meet us and for us to meet the both of YOU! This will give you the opportunity to come touch, see and smell first hand. We will answer any and all questions you may have. 

Facility tours are not availble between 1PM & 3PM (Nap Time)

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