Typical Schedule 
Arrival 8-9 AM

Pups are checked-in, their belongings are put into their cubby and they wait for the day’s activities to start. Depending on the check-in activity they may wait in their quiet place or in the general areas.


 Morning 9AM-12Noon
Structured Activities:
  •  Ball-fetching, frisbee, chasing game, Seek and Find, Toy Play etc.
  • Walks to the creek, through the woods & pastures
  • Other activities that we think the group might enjoy

General Activities:


  • Socialization -How to mix and mingle with people and dogs, leash walking
  • Good Manners –How to behave in a people world, taking turns, sharing, sitting for treats
Snack/Lunch Time:12 Noon-1:00PM - served either in a traditional manner or in a food dispensing toy.



Nap Time 1:00-3:00pm (this time is flexible)
  •             Yes they rest – in their Quiet Places. Naptime is an important time to relax and recharge, the pups need time to unwind, rest and be ready for more fun later.
  • After Naps: 3:00-5:00PM
  • A mellow version of the morning activities- with a focus on individual need, you want your pup socialized, played, relaxed and ready to hang with his/her 2 legged family.


  Departure 5:00-6:00PM

Pups are signed-out by a parent or authorized person.  Their Daily report is reviewed.  Their belongings are removed from their Cubby. 



Day Camp & Good Manners

Offered Monday-Friday ONLY 

8-9 AM Arrival

5-6 PM Departure




Day Camp  $35 - for a single day  

Day Camp Pass $165 - for 5 days  

Day Camp Pass $300 - for 10 days

Day Camp Pass $550 - for 20 days 


6628 Runkles Road, Mt Airy, MD, 21771, 301-829-9968