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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ah Spring!
The dogs and horses and people are all enjoying the drifting scent of lillac and cherry blooms! 

We mowed the grass today so everyone came just a little "green" today.  Guess that's the true definition of a "green kennel" hahaha. 

Tank, Miah, Coco and Raven just went goofy to watch the horses.  Raven kept rolling in the grass - I think the horse thought she was nuts. 

Merlin was out wandering the parameter checking everything and everyone out.  Buddy shoot his favorite word in the whole world is TREAT!!!!!

Murray, Gonzo, and Rudy the Little Guys in the kennel played chase till they all needed water and treats...It's hard to wear out Murray!!!

Cheif and Emma have been playing with their new buddies Otis and Spike!  What a great team.  If a ball or toy gets by one of the four they back eachother up.....they really need team shirts.
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Friday, April 9, 2010


We're all so pleased to announce our New GROOMING FACILITY and STAFF member!

Clip Clip Hooray Dog and Cat grooming located at 2-D Bond Street in Westminster has joined the Mariah-Belle Family.  Beth Rex (Maryland's first certified cat groomer) has joined our staff as well.  Beth has done a wonderful job starting and growing Clip Clip Hooray and earning her certification in cat grooming.  She removes all of that loose cat hair so the cats can rub againts our legs without leaving any evidence!  To cool

Mariah-Belle Pet Care Westminster is offering "green" grooming for dogs and cats as well as Boarding and Dog Daycare.  Our fuzzy friends in Westminster can board the Mariah-Belle Pet Mover for transport to Mariah-Belle Manor Mt Airy.  Everyone loves a weekend in the country.  
Please keep your eyes open for our new signs! 

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Spring Break 2010

April has been a great month here at the kennel.  Spring Break has filled our days with dogs and the warm weather has been wonderful!  Is it really April.

Frosty Paws doggie ice cream came out and everyone though that it was wonderful.  The new tennis balls and Frisbees have really gotten a workout these past two weeks.

We all keep looking at the creek knowing that the water temp is still a little to cool but it won't be long!

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