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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kiazen event in Mariah-Belle Pet Care Salon
First things first – yes, this means change - As my Midwestern farm folks would say....call it what you want but doesn't that Kiazen thing mean changing the furniture and stuff around to make it easier on you when you work?  Well shoot, Grandma did that every year...called it moving out to the canning kitchen....

WiKi and Ritchie Davis's at Valeocon Greenbelt Training (Ritchie, I was paying attention) define Kaizen as "(Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better") refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management."

How we applied it at Mariah-Belle is becoming more evident as this week progresses.  Agata and Co. rearranged our bathing, drying, grooming, waiting and areas so that guests arrive in the Rest and Relax area, after acclimating to our salon they move to the bathing and hydrotherapy area.  Once their coat is clean, they may enjoy a moisturizing or cleansing warm wrap to treat their skin then proceed to the drying area. The finally stop is our Styling area.  Some guests, especially our older guests, need a rest break during styling; therefore, we have added a small Resting area in our styling room.  It's our hope to reunite the guests and owners in a timely fashion; pet parents are called as we near the end of the styling session.    

Prior to this Kiazen event a grooming guest would arrive and be assigned a 'home' for use throughout their grooming visit.  The same 'home' would be used for resting, drying, and styling breaks.  An arriving guest would attempt to acclimate to the salon near a neighbor in the drying process - not a good way to acclimate.  The number of wasted steps between the resting-water-drying-styling areas was estimated to be at minimum 1.5 miles per day.  WOW! That's a lot of steps!


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mariah Belle Pet Care Attends Groom Expo 2010

Groom Expo 2010 What a great and learning time!  Agata our Styling Manager, Michelle our Pet Care Lead, and I attended this Expo! 

Agata learned how to use temporary hair dye for dogs (Need purple Ravens or Redskin ears for football season?)  She especially enjoyed the 4 hours of classes on mixed and designer breed hair styles.  The new scissors with the rotating thumb will help keep her hands safe from injury for years to come.

Michelle attended a six hour class on Pet First Aid and CPR (Let's hope she'll never need to use those skills).  She learned how to prevent bleeding, basic first aid for cuts, burns, and punctures, CPR - enough said. 

Michelle also attended a 2 hour class on relaxation and massage for dogs.  Stress and anxiety when alway from home can effect anyone or dog....

Rachann evaluated product formulations and attended business seminars.  WE ALL KNOW how she feels about education and what's in the products and food we use!

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