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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break Summer Vacation Where's the pup going?

Questions to ask and think about


Are you a consumer looking for a new pet care facility? Here are the key questions you should ask:

  • Is the facility a member of an association for boarding, doggie daycare, grooming or training?
  • What is staff-to-pet ratio (how many employees do they staff for each pet)?
  • As you tour the facility, is it clean, sanitary, and secure?
  • Does your dog have his own run or suite, or will he be housed in a crate?
  • Is the facility climate controlled with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter?
  • If housed in a crate, how frequently are they let out for exercise and elimination?
  • Does the facility have someone on site at all times?
  • If in a run, does it have an indoor and outdoor portion?
  • Will your dog be with other dogs not related to them, and how much contact will there be with other dogs?
  • What types of cleaning products does the kennel use, and are they pet safe?
  • Are there security fences around the boarding area?
  • What services does the facility offer?
  • Can your pets go for a nature walk, play Frisbee or ball, and get a bath?
  • What if your pet requires medication during its stay, how will those be administered?
  • How long has the facility been in business?
  • What type of animal care training does the staff receive?
  • Does the facility have an evacuation plan for both on-site and off-site evacuations?
  • If your dog requires grooming, what options do they offer?
  • Do they have a dedicated grooming area for the dogs to reduce stress during the process?
  • What types of equipment and products do they use?
  • How much experience do their groomers have in special breed cuts?
  • Are their products natural and specifically made for dogs and cats (regular human shampoos will dry out skin and may cause an allergic reaction)?
  • Does the facility offer any special treatments for itchy, dry skin or shedding?

For a print version of these questions to have with you when interviewing a pet care facility… 

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