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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Days the Ground Shook

Boom, BOoom, BOOM…the fence pounder was impaling the earth with 6 inch square fence posts.  The vibrations from the tractor and pounder alike caused me to lose my balance, thankfully Mom had me on a leash and harness.  We sat at the window and porch all day and watched the posts go into the ground.Blog/Fenceposts.jpg  Boom, BBOOmm, Boom.



Almost 2 two weeks later, just had just gotten to know the guys on the fence team, then fence was done.  Mom and Dad and I drove all around looking at it.  We have never rode so much in the middle of the week!  Whhoo HHHOoo...oh no,  even Rhi had a turn at driving us around the fence. Blog/Toolcatride2.jpg

So, Fiona, Gus, and I have a bet going…who is the fence for?  It’s not like the play yard fence.  Hummmmm.  I think it’s for Fiona!  House, treats and bed to myself. 

Silly Fozzy, “the barn and fence are for you and Gus.” Fiona says smugly. “There are two bedrooms and two of you.  Besides, Mom makes boys sleep in one room and girls in the other.”

Silly Fiona, “It could be all of us.  Did either of you pee on the floor! You know how Dad stomps when that happens.  I wished you’d consider using a litter box like civilized pets.”  Gus turned tail, rubbed against both Fiona and Fozzy, and defiantly strolled away.

THEN IT HAPPENED!  NO! Mom said we’re going to the barn in a happy voice…almost as if it’s a treat! Fiona could not believe her ears.  

“There’s stuff in the truck and hay and that’s not our cookies and WAIT!”  Fiona and Fozzy looked at each other and ran to the barn.  “ I know them!”  Choice and Lady Had come home to Mariah-Belle Manor. 


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Friday, July 24, 2015

Fiona & Fozzy Meet Choice & Lady

SO....every morning Mom would take us out and then run out to the car and leave us!  In the Evenings Dad would do the same.  Where do they go?  They are happy when they come home.  Then we got to go to The Little Red Barn. 



We know this place…Mom & Dad smell like this place in the morning and evening…The Little Red Barn.  Hummmm the places to roll.  What’s that….It’s huge. 

As the human watching and listening the conversation when something like this….

Choice and Lady out in the field just munching away.  I rolled down the window and make my standard kissing sound that means, “ Mom’s here, I have goodies, I have love for you”

Choices ears twitch “Don’t look it’s Mom’s truck,  she’s making that bug sound,  oh yeah treats.  Wait till she stops in front of the gate.”   Lady slowly repositions herself for a clean run around Choice if needed.



Door bang, “GO” Lady looked up and came full speed to the gate.  Choice tring to cut her off or out run her.  “NO, me first, treats.”

“ooofff, who are you?” Fiona barked as her head popped out of the truck window, followed by Fozzy’s nosy head.

“whoa” Choice looks at Lady “ that’s not a treat”.  Approach slower.  “Yes, Carrots”. 

“Watch out.”

“Me First”

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fiona's Frozen Treats

Mom thinks it's funy to watch my eyes open wide once i get to the creamy penut butter on the inside of these ice treats.  So, of course, I play it up get get more.


Here's how to: (warning you may need owner's thumbs for some steps)

Penut Butter Filled Ice Cubes

1. Fill ice cybe tray 1/2 fill with water and freeze

2. Coat a small scoop with non-stick spray or your choice of oil 

3. Scoop up peanut butter and level into your scoop

4. Pull out the ice cube tray with 1/2 filled frozen ice cubes 

5. Release the Peanut Butter onto the frozen ice layer

6. Fill the remaining space in cube area with water 

7. Freeze and serve. 


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We're Back

Back Again

Many folks have asked how we’re doing after the deer vs. Motorcycle accident.  Tim is continuing to heal and again strength as is the rest of the family is healing too. 

Counting blessings has been a daily activity for me in the past few months.  3 a day to remind myself that there are still good and happy things in the world.  One of the blessings that came to me over and over were all of the people that checked in on us.  It never occurred to me that listening to someone needed to “get off their chest” when a guest checked in meant so much.  It’s just me.  That gift returned was humbling. 

Fiona and Fozzy have been there with us through all of this time.  Needing us to be there and wanted to give love…and irritation at times. 

Ok enough mush...I’ve never been mushy.  Lots has been happening here as a result Fiona, Fozzy, Gus-Gus Lady & Choice well be keeping you updated here on the blog.

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